QSL Cards

I was looking on ebay for radios and saw some old QSL cards being sold. This inspired me to design my own while I wait for my licence to come through. I really love the look of these old cards, the typefaces and cardboard remind me of the wool consignment books in which we used to record details of each bale of wool during the early nineteen seventies.

vkaxr qsl card vk6yz qsl card

After a bit of fiddling around in Seashore I had what I was after. I do feel a little bad for poor old Tassie. They don’t get left off things so much these days, but it must still grate. I’ll have to design another if I ever have a QSO with an apple islander. It might actually work better to shrink the map and have more room for writing around the outside.


I was tempted to use MC (Megacycles) instead of MHz, but that just seemed a bit too hipster, and a bit hard on Mr Hertz, to whom this hobby owes a bit.

I sent the design off to Atanas LZ1YE for printing. His washed out pastel card colours probably the closest to the speckled cheap cardboard look I’m after.

lz1ye card colours

I’m having this lot done on the burnt orange colour, since that seemed very Australian and suited the 1950’s vibe I was after. I don’t plan on being a big contester or QSL card seeker, but it does seem like a nice thing to post off a QSL card for important contacts or amateurs that are chasing them.