Follow up

So… this arrived in my email this morning

Participation certificate - Trans Tasman

What a nice surprise, well done to the organisers. If their plan was to get people thinking about the next contest in July, it’s working. I’m not a dedicated contester by any means, but the Trans-Tasman was relaxed fun last time, so I’m keen to sort out the problems with my dipole and have another shot. I’m pretty much a 40m only operator for this due to the difficulty of squeezing in enough wire on the block. I have looked at plans for some loading coils but I’m finding it difficult to find the time to get to that and a number of other projects.

Another contest I’ll have a shot at if I can make the time is the VK Shires. Since I’m out in the bush, but in easy 40m range from Perth I should be able to give some points away to the VK6 operators.


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